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  • 30 Day Breakup Comeback


    This is a simple 4-step program designed to be completed in 30-days. Let’s help you have the best breakup comeback.

  • Brandan’s Breakthrough Call


    Do you feel like you’re stuck in a love rut? As though something is preventing you from the high-caliber love life you desire but you can’t identify precisely what it is? Perhaps you have an idea of the block, but you don’t know how to overcome it. This is a one-hour psychological deep dive that will reveal your blocks and provide you with solutions to breakthrough.

    This call is only for those who are truly ready for answers and can handle constructive criticism! As the adage goes, “Don’t ask questions if you are not ready for the answers.” Those who are ready will receive actionable advice to breakthrough any blocks preventing them from a high-caliber love life! 

  • L-EVATE™ Your Love Masterclass Deluxe


    L-Evate™ your love through our proprietary research-based approaches. The powerful and proven techniques offered in this masterclass will help you put your love life on the fast track. Become the architect of your own love life by: Eliminating barriers from past relationships Embracing your personal power Becoming the best version of yourself in a relationship Generating more romantic opportunities with high-caliber candidates Learning how to objectively measure qualities that will TRULY contribute to your dream relationship Finding your ideal partner Intensifying the connection once you meet the right one! An elevated love life is only a few clicks away!

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    Make Your Own Meet Cute

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    Unlock the Secret to Instant Attraction: Learn How to Create Your Own Romantic Meet-Cute and Find Your Perfect Match Today!

    Our expert guide will show you how to create the perfect romantic encounter and attract your dream partner like a magnet!

    For only $7 discover how to create irresistible chemistry in seconds that will leave a lasting impression..

  • Online Dating Optimizer


    Say Goodbye to Swiping Fatigue: Our Online Dating Optimizer Will Help You Connect with Your Ideal Partner.

    Get instant access to our step-by-step guide to get noticed on dating apps!

    The ‘Online Dating Optimizer’ uses our proven system to get you more matches, guaranteed!

    With the Online Dating Optimizer, you will learn how to select the best dating app and site for your preferences and personality, choose attention-grabbing photos, and create a heart-stopping bio that showcases your unique personality and interests.

    We will show you how to make the algorithm work for you, resulting in more compatible matches and increased success rates.

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    Pre-Order Now: Love Attraction Journal

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    The Love Attraction Journal is the ultimate guide to help you manifest your ideal partner. The journal is repleat with step-by-step and date-by-date psychology, research-based techniques to help bring you the love you desire.