L-EVATE™ Your Love Masterclass Deluxe


L-Evate™ your love through our proprietary research-based approaches. The powerful and proven techniques offered in this masterclass will help you put your love life on the fast track. Become the architect of your own love life by: Eliminating barriers from past relationships Embracing your personal power Becoming the best version of yourself in a relationship Generating more romantic opportunities with high-caliber candidates Learning how to objectively measure qualities that will TRULY contribute to your dream relationship Finding your ideal partner Intensifying the connection once you meet the right one! An elevated love life is only a few clicks away!



✅ The L-Evate™ Masterclasses ARE…

  • They are powerful techniques showing you how to transform your life.
  • They are transformational programs predicated on award-winning psychological research.
  • They are proprietary measurable methods.
  • They are research-based approaches.

❌ What the L-Evate™ Masterclasses are NOT!

  • They are not regurgitated self-help concepts.
  • They are not abstract concepts.
  • They are not opinion-based recommendations
  • They are not techniques teaching you to accept your reality a positive mindset.


Prep Bonus Material! – 3 steps

  1. Learn to Follow the 3-Date Grace Rule
  2. Learn How to Date with Style
  3. Eliminate Your Misplaced “Mental Mines”

Week 1 – 2 steps

  1. Discover Your X-Factor
  2. Worksheet

Week 2 – 2 steps

  1. Define Your Love Life
  2. Worksheet

Week 3 – 2 steps

  1. Generating Romantic Opportunities
  2. Worksheet

Week 4 – 2 steps

  1. Intensifying your Connection
  2. Worksheet

Bonus Material to Keep You on Track! – 2 steps

  1. Map Out Your Love Life Plan
  2. Track Your Progress


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