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Who Are We

The Complete Approach to Matchmaking

C-Factor Matchmaking is an upscale service providing more than instant chemistry sparked by a superficial match. We focus on a complete connection sparked by our proprietary research-based approach. We work with high-caliber singles from all walks of life. If you have primed yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to meet your ideal candidate--we are ready to help you find a complete connection!

What's the Complete Connection Approach? 







Couples Formed

Couples Formed


Why C-Factor Matchmaking?

As a psychological researcher, certified matchmaker, mediator, and interpersonal relationship coach--I've extensively investigated what doesn't work in relationships to develop an upstream approach that does work! What do I mean by an upstream approach? Well, there are core factors that cause the dissolution of relationships and  prevent people from cultivating their ideal relationships. C-Factor Matchmaking targets those factors in the beginning with our proprietary process to facilitate a complete connection that could change your life!

-Founder, Brandan Rader


Wasn’t sure at first but what a pleasant surprise. Brandon has been great to work with; very nice, professional and insightful. It’s my pleasure to recommend him to anyone who seriously wants to meet their Match!!

Considering being a Candidate for our Clients? Watch this video to learn more...

Considering hiring matchmaker? Watch this video to learn more...

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