Your Love Block Quiz Results:

The Virtual Vexation (The Online Dating Optimizer):

You’re ready to test the dating pool or perhaps you’ve already dipped your toes into the cyber-pool, and instead of finding an electrifying romance with a high-caliber person, you’ve been shocked by the murky options/process (and that may be putting it mildly). 

You might be feeling hesitant, nervous, or anxious about using online dating. Perhaps you’re frustrated, disappointed, and/or burnt out from unsuccessful attempts. 

Signs you might be experiencing a virtual vexation:

  • You’re procrastinating creating your online dating profile
  • You’ve encountered a lack of high-caliber people online
  • You’ve had a lack of responses from messages you’ve sent online
  • You’ve had a lack of people reaching out to you online
  • You keep getting ghosted online
  • You’ve been unable to take it from digital screen to real-scene with people you’re interested in meeting
  • You have feelings of disappointment, anger, anxiety, frustration, and/or sadness while using the platform 

But this virtual vexation is nothing more than a glitch in your dating journey, and YES, it can be fixed! 

Believe it or not, online dating can be optimized to meet high-caliber people. 

It’s all about the technological technique (trust me, my team and I have recruited thousands of high-caliber singles online).

If this resonates with you, stay tuned for my next email and I’ll share with you a technique you can use to optimize your online dating approach. 

Because it’s possible to have hundreds of high-caliber options at the tip of your fingers.