Your Love Block Quiz Results:

The Unintentional Interruption:

You’re ready to be intentional about dating and meet a high-caliber person (i.e., you’re done wasting your time and energy).

Perhaps you have a history of investing in the wrong people and tend to be attracted to people who do not share your vision for a high-caliber love life.

Maybe you’ve dated with diminishing return by not investing intentionally (i.e., you’ve been putting yourself out there without a plan and have been spinning your wheels to the point exhaustion).

You might be experiencing unintentional interruption if…

  • you’ve invested in someone only to discover extreme misalignments.
  • you find yourself attracted to people who don’t share your vision for a high-caliber relationship.
  • you continue to put yourself out there and give people a chance only to be disappointed.
  • you lack clarity on exactly what you want/need from a partner to create a high-caliber relationship.
  • you lack clarity on your ideal relationship vision.
  • you don’t know when you should keep investing in someone and when you should move on.
  • you feel like your love life is off track. 

But this is merely an unintentional interruption due to not intentionally dating and fully investing in your life. A high-caliber love life is akin to any other goal, it must be made a priority and approached strategically to be reached!

A high-caliber love life doesn’t just happen, YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN with diligence, commitment, and reverence.

The more you make it a priority, the faster it will happen! Trust me, I’ve helped thousands of people attract their ideal partner and build a high-caliber love life through intentional dating.

If this resonates with you, stay tuned for my next email and I’ll share with you how to attract your ideal partner AND the love life you deserve!