Your Love Block Quiz Results:

The In-Person Paralysis (Make Your Own Meet-Cute):

You’re ready to meet a high-caliber person but the online dating thing isn’t for you. Call you old fashioned but you want to meet someone in-person in an unexpected romantic moment, like in the rom-coms (AKA meet-cutes). You’re likely feeling uncertain about where/how this will happen. Even if you did unexpectedly meet someone who catches your eye offline, you might be unsure if you would know how to capitalize on the opportunity. Dare I say it, you might even feel paralyzed to make a move or invite someone to pursue you (and yes, there is a way to do this). 

You might be experiencing in-person paralysis if…

  • you don’t encounter high-caliber people offline.
  • you believe all the good ones are taken.
  • you don’t get approached/pursued by high-caliber people even when you encounter them offline.
  • you don’t know how to create a romantic connection with a high-caliber stranger when you encounter them offline.

This in-person paralysis has your rom-com moment on pause and it’s time press play on your story! Just as there is general plot in which writers use to bring great love stories to the big screen, there is a psychological formula you can use to bring your own rom-com moment to life. 

If this resonates with you, stay tuned for my next email and I’ll share with you a technique you can use make your own meet-cute and become the leading role in your own love story!