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What ever will we discuss?

As a psychological researcher, certified matchmaker, mediator, and interpersonal relationship coach--I am an expert pertaining to all things dating and relationships! 

How to Fall in Love RIGHT

How to Stop Yo-Yo Dating

Psychology of Attraction

Dating After Divorce 

Matchmaking and Makeovers

The Break Up Comeback

How to be Irresistible

How to Spark Romantic Chemistry

First Date Dos and Don'ts

Overcoming Your Love Barriers

The Reason You're Single

Dating Tips

Textual Chemistry

Preventing Relationship Dissolution

Mastering Online Dating

Dating Trends



Brooke Way, Producer
Daily Blast Live

Brandan is such a fun person to work with! I worked with him on a National entertainment show, as he quickly became one of our go-to relationship experts. He is passionate about what he does and truly cares about his clients finding meaningful relationships. He’s also a sweetheart, and so professional. Highly recommend!


Brian Howie, Host
The Great Love Debate

Brandan has a passion, a presence, and a personality that lights up a room and enlightens a crowd. A vital voice on what we all need to do better in our search for love and happiness.

Howard Bragman, PR Expert
La Brea Media

Brandan's Knowledge and experience truly make him an expert in his field. His insights are original and unexpected, but most notably effective. His sage advice and techniques are an invaluable contribution to any individual or audience seeking to improve their love life.

Couples Formed

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